PL HELP ASAP8. write an expression for the area of the shaded region in its simplest form. show all steps.

Accepted Solution

Answer:x²+23x+49Step-by-step explanation:The area of the large rectangle can be found by multiplying the dimensions, x+10 and 2x+5:(x+10)(2x+5)x(2x)+5(x)+10(2x)+10(5)2x²+5x+20x+502x²+25x+50Next find the area of the smaller rectangle.  Do this by multiplying x+1 by x+1:(x+1)(x+1)x(x)+1(x)+1(x)+1(1)x²+1x+1x+1x²+2x+1Now subtract the larger area and the smaller area:(2x²+25x+50)-(x²+2x+1)To do this, combine like terms:2x²-x²+25x-2x+50-1x²+23x+49