You put the names of all the students in your class in a paper bag. There are 19 boys and 12 girls. If you draw a name at random, what is P(boys name)?

Accepted Solution

Hello there!Your question is asking what the probability of picking up a boys name out of the paper bag.Answer: [tex]\frac{19}{31}[/tex]In order to solve this problem, we're going to have to find the total amount of names in the paper bag and the amount of boy names there are.When you read the question, you would find some key information in it.Key Information:19 boys12 girlsWith the information above, we can find the probability of picking out a boy name out of the paper bag.To find the porbability, we're going to need to get the total amount of names in the paper bag. We would just add 19 + 12.[tex]19+12=31[/tex]Now, we know that there are 31 total names in the bag.But, we are trying to find the chances of pulling out a boys name. There are 19 boy names in the bag.We would use the number 19 as our numerator and 31 as our denominator.Your fraction should look like this:[tex]\frac{19}{31}[/tex]The fraction above would represent the probability to pick out a boy name.Since 19 is a prime number, we wouldn't simplify the fraction.Therefore, the chances of picking out a boy name from the paper bag is [tex]\frac{19}{31}[/tex][tex]\frac{19}{31}[/tex] should be your FINAL answer.I hope this helps!Best regards, MasterInvestor