A terrorist planted an armed nuclear bomb and your job is to disabled it . There are 4 wires to the device. You will disable the bomb by cutting 2 wires .If the wires all look the same what are chances of your survival

Accepted Solution

1/6Step-by-step explanation:According to the question, the right combination of 2 wires cut (out of the 4 wires ) will defuse the bomb. To find all the possible combinations we using the following formulae; nCr = n! / r! * (n - r)!⁴₂C = 4! / 2! * (4-2)!⁴₂C = 24 / 2 * 2 ⁴₂C = 6There are a possible 6 combinationsTherefore for probability of cutting the right combination of 2 wires is 1/6Learn More:To learn more about combinations check out;