The truck hit the tractor, villagers saw the tractor lying upside down in the ditch | The truck hit the tractor, the villagers saw the tractor lying upside down in the ditch

Pilibhit17 minutes ago copy link The truck was found overturned at a short distance from the spot in Pilibhit. In Pilibhit, a tractor driver died in a road accident at Mandara turn of Bareilly road. Angry villagers blocked the spot over the incident. The police opened the jam after persuading the villagers. Had left home … Read more

Eternals movie review & film summary (2021)

There is also a plot, however, which will escape your mind as quickly as it entered. Briefly, the Eternals have scattered across the globe in the centuries since they arrived on Earth in a spaceship that resembles a behemoth, black marble Dorito. All along, they’ve been stealthily guiding humanity and fighting ravenous, sinewy monsters known … Read more

Short Films in Focus: Shots in the Dark with David Godlis | Features

Without getting too far into the weeds, what is the process like to take a photograph and convert it, or render it, into a three dimensional shot (or tableau)? David blessed us with his digital archive so from there, we put together a slideshow of his images that matched the stories he told. That was … Read more

Good days for Congressmen in Priyanka’s branding: The pockets of Amethi District President, City President and Block President also became hot, only then the party would be strong if they would be seen on the ground

Hindi News Local Uttar pradesh Amethi Good Days For Congressmen In Priyanka’s Branding: The Pockets Of Amethi District President, City President And Block President Also Became Hot, Only Then The Party Would Be Strong If They Would Be Seen On The Ground अमेठी16 मिनट पहले कॉपी लिंक 1989 के बाद से यूपी में कांग्रेस का … Read more